R&D Capability

Our in-house state-of-the-art R&D facilities and our research collaborations with scientifically competent innovator companies make everything possible.

Our R&D facility has been set up to carry out all kinds of exploratory work in the field of pharmaceutical formulations, new drug delivery systems, new drug substances (peptides/proteins), process development & other technologies, under the guidance of experienced and proven Scientists. These Scientists are highly qualified with both patents and publications to their names.

Given our successes and expertise as well as our passion for collaboration and making a difference, we will soon be constructing state-of-the-art labs that will not only house our own Scientists but will be opened up to other budding researchers and entrepreneurs as an incubator – watch this space.

Nimble, Adaptable and Collaborative. In addition to our internal R&D capabilities, we believe in the exponential benefits of working with others.

Whilst our Scientists are capable of and do develop their own formulations, we strongly encourage each and everyone of them to build strong relationships outside our organisation. By broadening our field of vision and working with other experts, we are able to tackle a broader range of challenges and develop increasingly innovative solutions. It is this mindset that has allowed us to establish a strong presence and relationship with the likes of the below institutions and labs.

Institute for Health Science
Research Germans Trias i Pujol
(IGTP) Spain

Bombay College of
Pharmacy India

MD Clinical Solutions, Inc.
(Pathya Foods) USA