BITE, Twist Or Swallow

To respond to the needs of patients who face difficulty swallowing or children who refuse to take tablets, doctors prescribe suspensions.


Studies show that around 35% of the general population and 18-22% of all patients in long-term care facilities face difficulties swallowing tablets. Whether because of the taste, texture or general discomfort, people don’t like pills. But this is only a fraction of the picture. Other studies indicate that 85% of children are likely to refuse medicine if it tastes unpleasant.

However liquid suspensions have many drawbacks

  • They do not offer precise dosage.
  • They are physically unstable.
  • They are bulky which makes them difficult to transport.
  • Sedimentation of solids can diminish the quality of the product.
  • They are prone to microbial contamination.

BITs solve these problems.

Introducing BITs Twist-off capsules

A flexible delivery system adjusted to patients needs


Our twist-off soft gelatine capsules, BITs, offer patients the most flexibility. Patients who face difficulty swallowing can simply twist off the tail, squeeze the content onto some food or directly into their mouth. The shell can then be discarded. Alternatively, they can chew it to enjoy the flavoured medicine. BITs can be swallowed too as long as you are not one of the 35%. This means that BITs can be taken by anybody anywhere regardless of their age, medical condition, personal consumption preferences or access to water. The Result? Patients are more compliant which makes the therapy more effective.

The Best Alternative for Oral
Suspensions and Tablets

BITs are notable for delivering consistency, flexibility and a faster onset of action


It improve patients’ compliance by delivering dosage precision and giving patients the choice when it comes to how they can take their medicine. Moreover, the liquid formula inside each capsule and the buccal absorption lead to faster onset of action.

  • BITs are hermetically sealed, which secures them against entry of water, vapour or foreign bodies.
  • Due to the sealing process BITs offer stability of drug.
  • Formulations benefit from higher purity because BITs are preservative free.
  • Unlike suspensions BITs offer precise dosage of active ingredients every time.
  • BITs provide dose uniformity of potent compounds and minimize patient to patient variability.
  • BITs are easy to transport and store.

Let’s make it real!

Levocetrizine is a third-generation, non-sedating antihistamine that is commonly used for allergies.



In 2016, the Indian Levocetrizine market grew 23%. Globally, the most popular brand name for Levocetrizine, Xyzal, grew 12.7% CAGR to reach $500 million in 2014, which made it the third most-often used antihistamine drug in the world. Levocetrizine is available in three dosage forms: oral solutions, film-coated tablets and traditional tablets. SRS Life Sciences offers Levocetrizine in the form of twist-off capsules BITs.

With the greatest flexibility in the market in terms of product application, higher effficacy than tablets, and higher stability than suspensions, our formula for Levocetrizine is the most effective in the market.

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