Chewable Antibiotics

Studies show that around 35% of the general population, 60% of the elderly and 18- 22% of all patients in long-term care facilities face difficulties swallowing tablets.

But this is only a fraction of the picture. Other studies have indicated that 85% of children are likely to refuse a medicine if it tastes unpleasant.

Compliance with Traditional Dosage Forms is Difficult! Chewbiotics solve these problems.

Why Chewbiotics?

Because mothers, children and patients with dysphagia would choose chewbiotics.

Chewbiotics don’t have to be swallowed. Instead they are chewed, so they can be taken anytime and anywhere. Moreover, our chewbiotics have pleasant mixed fruit flavours, which is loved by children and adults.

Because chewbiotics work faster.

Chewbiotics disintegrate faster than the traditional dosage forms. Having a faster onset of action, they improve the rate of the absorption of any medicine.

Because chewbiotics are more convenient to use.

Chewbiotics are more portable than powders for oral suspension and offer the precise dosage of a medicine

How does it work?

Chewbiotics are antibiotics or probiotics in a chewable form that disintegrate in the buccal mucosa rather than in the digestive tract.

Let’s make it real!

The global sale of amoxicillin was estimated at $2.41 billion in 2011. while the most popular branded drug in this group Augumentin was the largest selling drug in the world with sales of $37.5 million5. in the same year.

AugumentinTM by GSK is sold under three dosage forms: tablets, chewable tablets and powders for oral suspension.


Compare this to Chewbiotics

We offer a product of equivalent quality but at 17% of the price.

Chewbiotics are more affordable and more accessible to patients in the emerging and non-developed markets. That gives us a huge competitive advantage in countries where patients cannot afford branded drugs.

Our chewable form can be applied to any antibiotic or probiotic. What antibiotic would you apply the chewable form to?

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