Gelatine Pastilles

Traditional supplements suffer from poor absorption and bio-availability: As much as 60% of the constituents in traditional supplements are quickly degraded or excreted as they go through the digestive tract. Hydrogels, on the other hand, offer as much as 600% better absorption.

Hydrogels also achieve zero-order release, in which a drug is released at a constant rate; the ultimate goal of all controlled release drug-delivery mechanisms.

Why does this matter? It means better control of plasma concentration and promises improved patient compliance and a reduction in the frequency of drug administration.

Let’s make it real!

The global melatonin market is expected to reach USD 1,300.00 Million in 2019.


Who wouldn’t want to secure a large portion of a billion-dollar market with a technology that cannot be duplicated?


Consider Melatonin in its Conventional Form

When melatonin is consumed through conventional dosage forms, as much as 60% of the constituents are quickly degraded or excreted as they go through the digestive tract (first pass metabolism).


What is more it will take time to take effect.

First Pass Metabolism

Compare this to Hydrogels

Absorption of the medication is immediate and is as much as 600% better.

In a similar way, Hydrogels could apply to many drugs and extracts that come in conventional solid oral dosage form, sublingual or buccal forms, whether cardiovascular, steroids, barbiturates, mental health, erectile dysfunction amongst many other medications.


What would you apply this to?

Therefore, consuming Melatonin as a hydrogel would immediately regulate sleep and require significantly less dosage for efficacy.

Hydrogels are Unique

It is the flexibility to work with even the most sensitive of ingredients and achieve incredible effectiveness and efficiency, that makes it so special.

  • Work with even the most sensitive ingredients due to the low heat transference in the manufacturing process (70ºC versus 110ºC in conventional dosage forms that use sublingual or buccal absorption).
  • Formulate water soluble and insoluble ingredients in hydrogels.
  • Develop even the lowest dosages (as little as 1mg) and still achieve zero-order release.

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