Softgel Suppositories & Pessaries

Vaginal infections are commonly treated with Vaginal Suppositories.

Unlike oral dosage forms, suppositories offer higher bioavailability, get to the site of action with a lower drug dose and reduce systemic toxicity.


But traditional suppositories have disadvantages.

Temperature Sensitivity


Traditional suppositories are extremely sensitive to temperature, requiring cold environments not only during manufacturing and transportation but application too. Too warm and the product can expire in your very hand.

High Manufacturing Cost


With a low melting temperature, traditional suppositories need to be applied with specially created applicators, which increases manufacturing costs. These are further increased as temperatures need to be controlled throughout the supply chain.

Difficulty of Use


External applicators are often inconvenient for patients who can become weary of the process and less compliant with the therapy. Additionally, the wrongly placed product makes the therapy less effective.

Introducing Softgel Vaginal Suppository

To cater for market needs, SRS Life Sciences developed a new delivery system: The Softgel Vaginal Suppository – a new type of dosage form that does not require a cold chain and improves patients’ compliance.

Why Softgel Vaginal Suppository by SRS Life Sciences?


Softgel Vaginal Suppositories do not require a temperature – controlled supply chain (cold chain). For this reason, they are perfectly suited for markets with warm climates and emerging economies where cost is a critical consideration.
Softgel Vaginal Suppositories are designed to be inserted with fingers, which makes them easy to use. As a result, patients are more compliant with the therapy.
Multiple ingredients can be formulated in our technology, giving producers more flexibility than before.
Softgen Vaginal Suppository was invented by SRS Life Sciences. Our company has the know-how, technology and state-of-the-art facilities to meet the highest quality production standards.

How does it work?

Softgel Vaginal Suppositories are held between the thumb and middle finger and pushed into place using the index finger.


After 5 minutes in the vagina, the product will start to disintegrate, releasing the active ingredients into the body.

Let’s make it real!

The global vaginosis drug market reached 770 million USD in 2016 and it is expected to grow to 910 million USD by 2021


In the Sub-Saharan African region approximately 55% of women are infected with bacterial vaginosis. Bacterial vaginosis is commonly treated with Clindamycin in the form of vaginal ovules.



The high cost of conventional vaginal suppositories makes them less accessible for developing markets. With SRS Vaginal Softgel Suppository this can change.


It was this low cost and convenience that made our product extremely successful in India, where within the span of just two years, vaginal softgels became the number one vaginal suppository sold in the market.


With application patents in Philippines, strong presence in many developing and inaccessible markets and the technology know-how, we are sure that our product can spark a change worldwide.


Which ingredients would you put in the Softgel Vaginal Suppository?

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