Straw Delivery System

Studies indicate that children prefer liquid dosage forms to tablets and are likely to refuse the intake of the medicine if it tastes unpleasant.

Administering medicines through straws proves compliance.

But this is only a fraction of the full picture.


Another study revealed that almost half of all of Americans find it difficult to swallow tablets or capsules. Among these respondents 14% delayed taking doses of their medication, 8% skipped doses and 4% discontinued using their medicine altogether.

Compliance among American


Delayed taking doses of their medications

Skipped doses

Discontinued using their medicine altogether

Compliance with traditional dosage forms is difficult!

Why does it matter?

Because children and parents would choose UnistrawTM.


Parents want happy, healthy children. This means medicines that deliver the best results and are easy for children to take. This is what UnistrawTM is all about. According to our consumer survey UnistrawTM delivery system is the most preferred choice among children. With increased compliance of 600% and a strong traction in consumer market testing, UnistrawTM has a great market potential.

Children who tested UnistrawTM said that it is

Very Innovative

Fun to drink




Our straws contain either natural sugar free alternatives or only 2g of sugar per dose. In comparison, sugar content in liquid oral medicines for children contains between 8.59g to 67g per every 100g of drug.

Because UnistrawTM has the potential to make compliance easier for everyone, not just children.

Because with design and formulation patents across 94 countries, our unique straw technology gives us great flexibility to tackle different health needs globally.

How does it work?

The UnistrawTM Delivery System is a patented delivery device that can add fun, flavour, energy, vitamins, nutrition and medication to any beverage, including water. What’s more, it can be targeted at adults or the elderly, not just children.


What would you put in the UnistrawTM?

Let’s make it real!

In 2011, Dallas-based company, Dean Foods, launched TruMoo, a flavoured milk with 15-20% less sugar and no-high fructose corn syrup.

The financial results after the product roll-out were immense. TruMoo earned $158.3 million in sales in the first full year after the launch. This impressive number made TruMoo the 8th most successful product launch in the US market measured by retail sales over the period of 2005 – 2012.

The innovation? Less sugar!


By comparison, UnistrawTM contains less sugar than TruMoo, has no preservatives or artificial additives and can provide essential health benefits when combined with other ingredients. It makes UnistrawTM’s potential much greater than TruMoo.

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