Tablets for Oral Suspension

Pediatricians Choose Suspensions


Antibiotics prescribed for infants and young children are usually dispensed as oral suspensions.

Doctors choose suspensions for dosing medicines to children because they are easier to swallow, have a more pleasant taste, are cheaper and less risky than antibiotic injections. Doctors will typically prescribe suspensions in bottle formats or sachets. Additionally, traditional suspensions have higher bioavailability.


But Traditional Suspensions Have Many Drawbacks Too

  • They are not stable and are likely to degrade before the last dose is taken.
  • Many drugs are difficult to formulate in this form.
  • In bottle format, suspensions are hard to handle and transport due to their bulkiness.
  • Achieving uniform and accurate dosages every time is hard.
  • Sachets solve these problems but are quite expensive.

Tablets for Oral Suspension solve these problems.

Why Tablets for Oral Suspension?

Our Tablets for Oral Suspension are the best alternative.


Stability, accuracy, consistency and compliance are the hallmarks of this delivery format. More importantly, they achieve this whilst maintaining all the advantages of traditional oral suspensions.

Increased Stability Even When Working With the Most Sensitive Ingredients


Tablets for Oral Suspension can be applied for even the most sensitive ingredients, ensuring stability and consistency till the last dose.

Value For Money and Greater Reach


Tablets for Oral Suspension offer the most precise dosage of any format currently available, are easy to transport and are cheaper than their closest competitor, sachets.

Better Compliance Amongst Young Patients


Unlike dispersable tablets, recommended for use due to their higher stability, Tablets for Oral Suspension are taste-masked, making any therapy even more effective with children.

How do tablets for oral suspension work?

Tablets for Oral Suspension are film-coated tablets that are dissolved in liquid ( fruit juice or water ) before administration.

Let’s make it real!

Amoxiclav ( amoxicillin with clavulanic acid ) is one of the most often prescribed antimicrobial drugs in the world.

Augmentin by Glaxosmithkline has the majority share ( 27.3% ) in amoxicillin with clavulanic acid market.3 While the sales of one of GSK’s flagship products remained flat in 2016 at £563 million it has increased substantially from £202 million in 2013.

Market share of top 15 brands of Amoxicillin 875 mg with Clavulanic Acid

Augumentin comes in several dosage forms: film-coated tablets, chewable tablets and powders for suspension.


SRS Life Sciences is the only company in the world which offers Amoxiclav in the form of a tablet for oral suspension.

Given the advantages over existing dosage forms and the fact that it is significantly cheaper than GSK’s version, Tablets for Oral Suspension are currently the best alternative for Augmentin in the market.


How would you apply Tablets for Oral Suspension?

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