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Demographic Transition Model

The world is entering in a different phase of demographic transition. As a thoughtful solutions provider SRS is aware that there are huge regional and national discrepancies. Even within nation there is a huge imbalance. This poses a unique burden on healthcare system and we must address needs of the population in different ways. We also need to factor in climate change which will bring unforeseen changes in disease epidemiology and parasite host relationship in humans and microorganisms.

In this changing environment technology will bring hope and fill the gaps in learning in different parts of the world. Epidemics now spread from one part of world to other faster thanks to modern means of transportation. Medical services are a necessity for which we will have to find sustainable and effective solutions. MedTech is the area that will inove deep learning and neural network to cut costs, improve sensitivity and specificity of interventions, improve access of interventions, improve KAP gaps in patients and caregivers and thus create a healthier society.

Our Aim

We want to achieve the democratisation of surgeries and point of care diagnostics. Currently, these unique skills, developed by high level institutions, cannot be easily transferred to new healthcare practitioners. MEDtech has a big role to play in the reduction of skills-learning time, costs and medical complications as well as drastic improvements in patient outcomes.

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