We are on the cusp of a new era in nutritional support.

An era where nutritional therapy is presenting the surgical and critical care community with a “unique opportunity” to improve patient outcomes with safe, relatively inexpensive and effective interventions.


Billion of overweight adults


Million children wasting away, stunted or overweight


Of deaths of children under 5 due to undernutrition

Malnutrition in the acutely ill patient: Is it more than just protein and energy?

Malnutrition has traditionally been thought to involve deficiencies in protein and energy (macronutrients); however, we know that specific key nutrients, when deficient can also lead to significant morbidity and mortality. Large studies performed with replacement of single nutrients, such as zinc, in malnourished populations in Africa and other developing countries has led to reductions in respiratory infections and diarrhoeal diseases. In this regard, It is being increasingly accepted that acutely ill hospitalized patients may not only be malnourished from a macronutrient standpoint, but that such patients may also be deficient in a number of key functional pharmaconutrients.

The future of nutritional pharmacology in surgery and critical care is one where there will be initiation of early nutrient delivery.

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To tackle Nutrition for critical care:

Cancer research and development continues at an aggressive pace and yet a degree of cancer-induced cachexia is experienced by up to 80% of advanced stage cancer patients. Unfortunately, there are no established treatment regimens for this condition.

Weight loss and fatigue consistently appear in patient oncologic histories and progress notes. However, few oncologists fully understand the pathologic mechanisms causing cachexia resulting in well-meaning advice to increase caloric intake with minimal results.

Understanding the causes of cachexia sheds light on the subsequent need for multi-modality therapy including clinical intervention with specialized nutrition support, drug therapy, lifestyle and diet changes.

With CHARGE, we feel we can help in cases where the patient is aware of their condition but is struggling to manage it: Cachexia.

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As part of our ongoing fight against this disease, we continue to explore novel, evidence-based products and concepts; working with like-minded inventors and partners to get the right treatments to the people in need, when they need them.

Currently, we are focusing on products in the following areas.

  • Anemia
  • Malignant neoplasms palliative care

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