Maternal and Child Healthcare

Almost 140 million women give birth every year but poor nutrition, during and post pregnancy, means that many mothers lack many of the basic nutrients they need. Our solutions are designed to complement, simplify and enrich the process of childbirth, ensuring that both mother and child get the right nutrition and medicine at the right time.


Lives could be saved with better detection and management of childhood illnesses


Infants and young children could be saved with improved nutrition


Approximate percentage of child and neonatal deaths caused by respiratory diseases such as pneumonia

Let’s face the facts. Across the continuum of care, we are failing to provide enough intervention coverage.

Unique solutions to make a real impact

Stethee + Amox-DT

To diagnose & treat Paediatric Pneumonia

We aim to impact the 14.1% of deaths in under-fives caused by pneumonia by offering a complete and globally accessible diagnostic and treatment package.


The advent of deep neural network learning has paved the way for diagnostic hardware and artificial intelligence to provide serious support to healthcare practitioners to better diagnose respiratory diseases faster, more accurately and more effectively.

Stethee is arguably the most Intelligent, Versatile, and Powerful Stethoscope ever created. This handheld device captures collective data over time helping to unlock patterns of disease that could not be captured by a traditional stethoscopes.


Approved format for 1st line treatment of Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) in 2-59 month old children. The dispersible tablet format allows for improved compliance.

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Driven to tackle the biggest problems with novel solutions and excellent partners

As part of our ongoing fight against this disease, we continue to explore novel, evidence-based products and concepts; working with like-minded inventors and partners to get the right treatments to the people in need, when they need them.

Currently, we are focusing on products in the following areas.

  • Artificially Intelligent Diagnostic Assistance for Paediatric Pneumonia

  • Active 3rd Stage Management of Labor

  • Immaturity of Lungs in Preterm Babies

  • Neonatal Sepsis and Infection

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